Interning Abroad in Prague!

Oh, Prague!  The land where beer is, indeed, cheaper than water, and the locals drink more beer per capita than any other nation in the world! The beautiful cobbled stoned streets and the charming buildings will have you absolutely in love with the city and feeling like you have transported into a little fairytale land!

Old Town Square
Old Town Square

The City


During the world wars, Prague was more fortunate than other European cities and not bombed nearly as much. This left the city of Prague with rich history and buildings that are original to the period they were built in including Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. The majestic Prague castle built back in 880 AD is the largest medieval castle in Europe and overlooks the beautiful picturesque city. Prague is located in the heart of central Europe, making it easy to catch a train and travel all across Europe!


So what am I doing up here in Prague? 


I am interning with this nonprofit organization called Transitions Online that’s mission is to promote professional, independent media in post-communist countries and the former Soviet Union, and I am their marketing/social media intern. Being a Public Relations major and Political Science minor, this internship is right up my alley. You never know with an internship if you are going to be doing the description on the application, or if you will turn out to be the coffee boy, but this internship is legit. This is the first internship I have had where everything I am doing pertains back to what I am learning in classes. I have been doing things like conducting social media audits and writing memos to my boss about my findings. I feel like this is my first little taste of being in the world of public relations! 

My Second “Job”   


My biggest advice to anyone studying abroad is simply to get absorbed. Everyone may have a different definition of getting absorbed and different comfort levels, but I really recommend putting yourself in new situations and experiences. 


Whenever talking about my second job at the Drunken Monkey, I always use air quotes around the phrase “job.” My very first day that I was here, I was strolling through the beautiful Old Town Square, and a guy approached me and asking if I wanted to go on a Pub Crawl or a beer tour. At first, I was hesitant because this was my first day, on my own, in a foreign country, but after talking to my now friend, Matt, a little bit more, I could tell that a beer tour was the perfect way to say “Welcome to Prague!” 

I ended up going back to the pub with him to sign up for a beer tour for the next day (because if I signed up right then, I would get a free beer and t-shirt and who doesn’t like free ish) When I arrived at the pub it was the beginning of a pub crawl, and, long story short, let’s just say I did not end up just coming for the free gear. I was going to take the day “slow” since it was my first day in Prague, but now I am so happy I made the decision to stay. That night, one of the tour guides told me, “OMG, you have the greatest vibes you have to work here!!” My first reaction was no freaking way, I am up here to intern, but after going on the beer tour with my now Russian bestie, Olga, I changed my mind. Olga persuaded me with the fact that I was going to be a “crazy monkey” anyway while in Prague, so why not just become one and get paid to do it! 

The employees at the Drunken Monkey have the greatest vibes, and they come from all over the world from different countries like Nigeria, Columbia, Belarus. Each night, the pub is filled with excited travelers from all across the globe. While working as a pub crawl tour guide may not sound like the best way for some people to indulge in an abroad experience, but for me, this has been the perfect way to learn about different people and cultures and has honestly been one of the highlights of my life.

Drunken Monkey

Getting Absorbed 


This trip has granted me already with experiences of a lifetime, moments I will laugh at for forever, and has given me confidence in being by myself. I believe that going abroad in college is essential for every kind of student. So whenever you are abroad, I recommend that you get absorbed. If you have to pick a nap or wandering a new area of town, choose the ladder! Go jump into that little coffee shop, enjoy a croissant, and start up a conversation with the person sitting next to you! (Or maybe just maybe become a pub crawl tour guide) There is an adventure to unfold around every corner, so make sure you are getting out and soaking up every second as possible!


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