Dang Dubai: Quick Overview of The Awe-Inspiring​ City

Bigger and better means everything, right? Well, it most definitely does in Dubai! Dubai, located in the Persian Gulf, is one out of the seven Emirates, which makes up the country of the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to oil, within the past 50 years, Dubai has turned from a sleepy little town, into an extraordinary city that is now famous for trade and tourism.

Everything in the city of Dubai looks like it was made for royalty. The overlapping highways and the over-the-top audacious architecture will have your mind absolutely blown away!

The world’s largest mall is located in Dubai. The mall is filled with everything from luxurious stores like Versace all the way to your everyday stores like H&M. Along with stores, this mall also features very unique entertainment like an indoor ice skating rink and a ski resort with man-made snow! The mall is connected to the stunning building, The Burji Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world! The view from the Burji Khalifa holds a jaw-dropping view of the city located in the middle of the Arabian Desert.


This wealthy oil city feels like it was just thrown into the middle of the desert. Right outside the city, the countryside of the UAE holds the speculator Arabian desert with beautiful sand dunes and sunsets.



Small details to know about Dubai:

While Arabic is the main language spoken in this country, English is spoken by almost everyone in Dubai.

Dress more conservative, but it gets scorchingly hot in Dubai. Wear light, but long layers.

Be careful about taking pictures in this city. There are many different restrictions on where you can take photos and people being in your shot.


Even though as soon as you hit the outside air and the scorching temperatures make you immediately sweat, I highly recommend visiting the over-the-top city of Dubai. Also, if the so-called “boujee” lifestyle is not your cup of tea, I still think anyone can enjoy this city because of the grand uniqueness Dubai holds. From the luxurious shopping, indoor ski resorts, to the beautiful sunsets in the endless desert, Dubai has something to offer for everyone!

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