15 Minutes of Fame

Sometimes you just know when a good day is going to be a good day. This past Saturday, my school, The University of Tennessee, had its last home football game of the year and I just knew it was going to be something special.

I can remember being a wee ole nugget just enjoying my Saturdays watching Tennessee football with my Daddy, and how much I savor these memories today bring me so much happiness. If there is one sports team I have gotten behind my whole life, it has been the Tennessee Volunteers football team! This past year has been just little different. This football season has really been the first time I have “sat out,” of UT football for as long as I can remember.  I have not glorified the love of the game like I have been doing my whole life with UT football, and it really showed with my attendance this year. Although my first intentional thought was  “Wow, I’m ready to show back up to UT football and it’s the last freaking home game,” I have to remind myself that taking a break from it made me realize why I have this love for UT in the first place! People always joke about on Twitter “There’s just some kind of loyalty with UT fans,” and there really is something great about having this loyalty us Vol fans carry!

Although college football season is winding down, overall I do not regret missing this season. Before my “shining moment” at the game, I was standing there with the best seats in the house, with two of my greatest friends in the world, and just simply absorbing how greatly I adore the love and excitement of the game.

“In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” – Andy Warhol

In a sense, my UT football season has really described these past several months for me perfectly. This is the first time I have finally taken time to “sit out,” but it is okay to have some periods in life where you need to sit down for a second to take it all in. I have really learned to value what I love, and taking a break to soak it all in has been the perfect medicine in growing the appreciation of living this happy beautiful life!

The “Neyland Feeling” really is something special, and I am happy I have great people in my life to experience these kinds of feelings with. The amount of Twitter mentions, news articles, and texts I have received the past 48 hours from friends and strangers have been overwhelmingly amazing. I cannot believe I became a GIF. Becoming a meme is the definition of 2018 goals right here my friends! I “Really?” cannot believe how bad we lost against Mizzou but overall I think this football season will strengthen our program for the better. Win or lose, I will always hold onto being a loyal Tennessee fan, and I am proud of it! My fifteen minutes of fame brought me joy, and I hope yours does as well!

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